Tri-Open (Bottle Opener, Shoehorn& Can Tab Lifter)



Bronze-infused stainless steel with visible print lines and rough feel.


Tri-Open, a bottle opener, shoe horn, and a can tab lifter/opener. Hooked on the pull tab of an easy open Tuna can after opening, forming like an elegant slide on a white background.

Tri-Open on a Tuna can.





In addition to being a masterpiece, Tri-Open (from three way opener) could serve as a three way tool; A bottle opener, a shoehorn, and a can tab lifter/opener. Instead of carrying different tools for different functions, this elegant piece of art can save you the trouble and be around whenever you need it.

Tri-Open could easily fit in your pocket, Keychain, or put around for decoration as a piece of Steam Gothic art. It was very beautifully crafted and looks real sculptural.

Utilizing the new 3d printing technology, this cool tool was made in stainless steel through additive manufacturing as a single piece. So, there’s no mass production yet, and you can’t find it anywhere else. A unique gift, which could be further personalized with your name engraved on it ( As a separate service) or to be used as a promotional gift, or branding item that makes your mark.

Now, let’s have a look on how could you benefit from Tri-Open;
1- Glass Bottle Opener; The long ergonomic shape helps to reduce the force you need to apply to encounter the resistance while opening. Remember the beam in the law of the lever? This is a 1st degree lever if you push down to open the bottle (Fulcrum in the middle), or a 2nd   degree lever if you push up to open the cap (resistance in the middle). You don’t remember the mathematical principle of levers? You don’t like geometric reasoning? Or, maybe you’re not a big fan of Archimedes?! Never mind! The long arm (beam) reduces the magnitude of the input force needed to remove the cap, which simply means easier opening process, and less stress on your hand.

2- Can Tab Lifter/Opener ; Does it seem that opening the “so called” easy open cans doesn’t really end up being easy?! Have you ever felt annoyed trying to handle can tabs with the tip of your finger, and ending up with fingernails chipped or broken? Now you can use Tri-Open as a can tab lifter/opener for beverage can, and some small size easy open food can ends in the popping part of the opening process. Just slide the slot (The lower narrow part) under the tab until the tab is contained inside the slot, then lift Tri-Open up as a lever until you hear the pop (that charming sound associated breaking the can end scoring, and announcing the can being opened). So, while having an easy pop for the top, your fingernails remain intact!



3- Shoehorn; As its name suggests, shoehorn was originally made from animal horn. However, old shoehorns were also found to be made of hoof, bone, ivory, wood and metal. Although it’s difficult to credit its invention to a specific person, shoehorn seems to be originated during the Renaissance period as a solution to deal with tight shoes fitting design, which was the fashion among the elite trend setters of those days.

Some of the old shoehorns were inscribed with the names of their owners. On some occasions they were given as promotional gifts by traders advertizing their businesses, or used the way business cards are used today. Then, along came the age of 3D printing. Today, with 3D printing technology revolution, here’s a modern one in an antique shape made by additive manufacturing.


You can use the beautifully curved part as a dressing aid to help your foot to slide into your shoe with ease while protecting your shoe’s counter from being crushed by the heel. So, one more opening function while pivoting in the middle, which makes it a 1st degree lever in this case.


For this graceful beauty to be created and tested it took about 9 months of thinking, designing, modifications, trials & errors just to make sure it looks and functions the way it was designed for. An eye-catching, multifunction long-lasting tool that Will be there whenever you need it, and attract attention even if you don’t.


Order it now, and enjoy because you deserve it!



IN: 4.62 w x 1.25 d x 1.704 h
CM: 11.734 w x 3.176 d x 4.328 h


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