SIM Tie-Bar


SIM Tie-Bar is a peculiar new design inspired by the Shape of a mobile Phone SIM chip. Utilizing the latest 3D printing technology, it’s made in one piece, and could be ordered in different materials and finishes.

In addition to its decorative purpose as an elegant piece of clothing accessory or jewelry, a Tie-Bar (Sometimes called tie clip, , or tie slide) has a functional purpose, which is keeping the neck tie hanging straight, and preventing it from shifting or swinging by clipping it to the underlying shirt. This way we maintain a tidy and uniform appearance , while adding a distinguished flourish to your outfit at the same time. A small piece that makes big difference. It adds the final touch of class and style to your fit, and shows off your fashion expertise.

With SIM tie bar you’re Making the perfect combination of function and sophisticated elegance. Your tie will never go out of place, and you’ll never go out of style.
For a father, husband ,or a son …etc. Matching SIM Cufflinks with SIM Tie-Bar Makes a great gift idea for that special someone in your life! Affordable jewelry that will be highly perceived gift that makes a great impact without breaking your budget.