BiceOp – Bottle Opener& Can Tab Lifter



Bronze-infused stainless steel with visible print lines and rough feel.


bottle-opener-can-tab-lifter-personalized-gift-3d-printed-biceop-13Sideview of 2 units of BiceOp from different angles. Bottle opener & can tab lifter.2 units of BiceOp flexing muscles up. Bottle opener & can tab lifter.bottle-opener-can-tab-lifter-personalized-gift-3d-printed-biceop-23bottle-opener-can-tab-lifter-personalized-gift-3d-printed-biceop-22bottle-opener-can-tab-lifter-personalized-gift-3d-printed-biceop-21bottle-opener-can-tab-lifter-3d-personalized-gift-biceop-on-can-sbottle-opener-can-tab-lifter-3d-personalized-gift-biceop-1bottle-opener-can-tab-lifter-3d-personalized-gift-biceop-double-s1bottle-opener-can-tab-lifter-personalized-gift-3d-printed-biceop-19bottle-opener-can-tab-lifter-personalized-gift-3d-printed-biceop-16bottle-opener-can-tab-lifter-personalized-gift-3d-printed-biceop-17bottle-opener-can-tab-lifter-personalized-gift-3d-printed-biceop-14bottle-opener-can-tab-lifter-personalized-gift-3d-printed-biceop-11bottle-opener-can-tab-lifter-personalized-gift-3d-printed-biceop-12bottle-opener-can-tab-lifter-personalized-gift-3d-printed-biceop-9bottle-opener-can-tab-lifter-personalized-gift-3d-printed-biceop-10bottle-opener-can-tab-lifter-personalized-gift-3d-printed-biceop-8 bottle-opener-can-tab-lifter-3d-personalized-gift-biceop-V-6-1024x643 bottle-opener-can-tab-lifter-3d-personalized-gift-biceop-V-5-1024x918


BiceOp (From Biceps Opener) is a fancy bottle opener, 3D printed in the shape of a strong bodybuilder’s arm. In this model, Biceps, the muscle on the front side of the arm, contracts to bring the fist up. A closed strong fist with a hole through as if it’s having a strong grip on a steel bar to lift weights. A pose that challenges your muscles to function the way they look best!
The biggest problem with bottle openers is that they’re hard to find when they’re most needed! With its tiny size, BiceOp can easily fit in your pocket, put hooked to your Keychain through the hole inside the fist , used as a pendant hanging down your chest, or even put on display as a piece of art. Furthermore, In a separate service, BiceOp could be customized/ personalized with your own name or special inscription, to be used as a unique personalized gift, or a promotional item. Something that will engage your personality, and make your mark.

*New* in this “Revised and Enhanced Edition”:
As Leonardo da Vinci once said; “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” From the design idea stage, while utilizing the 3D printing technology, this piece of art took about 9 months so far to be created, tested then modified again. A long list of trials and errors, and modified versions. A hard way to ensure an easy use and elegant shape. So, you can order it with confidence. In this latest edition of BiceOp, with a 100% 3D print success rate, you’ll find the following enhancements and improvements;
1) One more additional function, a Can-Tab Lifter/ Opener.
As you can see from the turntable view, there’s a beautifully crafted slot at the back bottom part of the arm (The triceps side). This slot has a slide at its entrance. While in harmony with the whole design, this slot enables the use of BiceOp as a can tab lifter/opener for easy open beverage can ends in the popping part of the opening process. Just slide the slot under the tab until the tab is contained inside the slot, then lift BiceOp up as a lever forcing the tab to break the end scoring to open the can in a swift move! Can we say BiceOp now comes Bi-Functional?!
Anyway, It’s certainly an additional benefit making BiceOp a more valuable 3D personalized gift, or promotional item.
So, flex the can-do muscles on the can top! While having an easy pop for the top, your fingernails remain intact!

2) *New* Wider tube inside the fist, so you can have easier hook up of BiceOp into your key chain ring.
3) *New* Deeper inscription (In the personalized version), so your personalization becomes more appealing.

Whether you’re going to use BiceOp as a personalized gift, promotional item, a 3D piece of art, or a useful multifunction tool, you’ll find it indispensable. Go ahead, handle your drink with a style made in steel. Don’t Stop the BiceOp. Buy it now, because you deserve it!

n.b. (Neither the key ring , chain nor drink is included)



IN: 2.677 w x 1.12 d x 1.801 h
CM: 6.8 w x 2.844 d x 4.574 h


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